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Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Horseclaw Takeyashiki Jizaiokimono


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Takeyashiki Jizaiokimono Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Horseclaw 

Estimated Release date: 31/05/2022

In the monthly animation, Hayao Miyazaki drew the original manga and made it into an animated film as a director [Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind].

  • In the play, Takayuki Takeya is a free figurine of [Triuma], which has become an indispensable means of transportation for people in the vast rotten seas and deserts that appeared after the destruction of civilized society in [Seven Days of Fire]. Arranged by the concept.
  • Birds that have developed a symbiotic relationship with humans because they can carry humans and luggage and run like horses by increasing their size to exceed the height of humans and degenerating their flight ability and developing robust leg strength. be.
  • Highly intelligent, especially familiar with the main character Nausicaa, and there are many depictions that make you feel at home.
  • The Takeya-style jizai okimono captures the features such as its large bulging beak, long neck, and developed legs in three dimensions, with fine feather details, leg swelling, claws, ethnic equipment, and adorable eyes. Arrangements have been made to add to the amount of information as a model, such as the tongue.
  • And we are particular about the movement as a free figurine, and as a result of repeated trial and error on the 41 movable parts, their movable range, and the holding power of the posture, you can actually move it in your hand by imagining the original manga or animated movie. It became a model.
  • By all means, in your hands, many famous scenes of triuma.

  1. 41 parts of the whole body are movable. By arranging the neck part so that the joint structure connecting 9 ball joints is covered with feather parts divided into 8 parts, the neck can be moved freely. It is possible to give various facial expressions, such as lifting the head greatly so as not to get rid of it, and keeping the neck straight when running. In addition, the large bulging beak opens and closes, and the tongue is also attached inside.
  2. The legs have 13 movable parts with only one leg, and can be used in various poses. The toe part is fully movable with the three front fingers moving to the first and second joints, and it should be fully reproduced from the appearance of firmly stepping on the ground to the appearance of powerfully kicking the ground and running. Can be done.
  3. The body of the triuma is equipped with bridles, stirrups, saddles, and leg bonds that protect the legs, and each part has a different texture. In addition, it can be combined with the [Takeya-style free figurine Tormekia army armoured soldier] on sale, and can be mounted by replacing it with the attached waist joint parts.
  4. Comes with a sword with a fan-shaped sword tip for Tormekia armoured troopers, a special sheath, and a display pedestal.
  • Figure material: PVC / ABS
  • Joint material: pom
  • Overall height: Approximately 180mm
  • Movable parts: 41 places in total
  • Prototype production: Tokuho Fukumoto, Kenichi Takagi, Tsuneyuki Ida
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